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The Last Sovereign – 0.30.2

Version 0.30.2

General Changes:
– NOTICE: There have been minor affection changes added to the investments at the end of the war. These only affect the very end after the final battle, but you may want to re-select investments to optimize affection.
– New sex scene when accessing your bed, if certain relationship points are high enough
– New character interaction, requires unlocker event
– Two new synergy skills
– Misc bugfixing

Customization Stuff:
– The courtyard is now customized by your wall choice and you can choose your ground type.
– The courtyard now contains training orcs to test new skills
– Nine new wall choices
– Nine new floor choices, including wood floors
– Six new carpet choices
– Thirteen new statue options available, including pillars
– Many statues now have left/right versions
– Two new big statues
– Eight new banners, including other wall ornaments
– One additional bed, one additional throne
– The library shelves are now symmetrical. A few of you are quite pleased, I’m sure. =P
– You can now sit on your throne. It doesn’t do much, but you can feel thronely?

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