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The Last Demon hunter Remastered – 0.77

This time featuring the beach-village area with two lewd fights and associated gameovers on a loss!

This release also has a bunch of small and large bugfixes, some quality of life things, but primarly fixing the milk-lewdities storyline to how it was supposed to be and took waaay longer than it should have.

Yeah, release is aagain, ’bout damn time, lazy me! It was just -too damn hot- to write lewds, twice now, these last few days, but this week I caught some free time and it’s been raining. So hah!

Next up: Possibly more tales of Ameria. For TLDH I plan to work on some story bits, with the beginning of the mainland city, which will then lead into the Demonlands area.

Little spoiler for those who read this far: Your actions in the game so far will determine if the Demonlands, or the Mainland castle will be your final area.. no idea how I’ll script that yet.

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