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The Last Barbarian – 0.21

  • All monsters have stats (will be improved)
  • Gold drops out of monsters (regardless the monster type)
  • The first miniboss is added – Troll
  • Devenant city is open
  • The Bank is added. Now money earned in the battles can be saved
  • The Brothel is added. (this location will be improved). Here one can renew health and earn money
  • Noria´s Tavern – there is an opportunity to have a sleep and renew health without risk of being attacked
  • City Hall is added (one can buy documents to enter Devenant city)
  • New character – Hugh
  • Fixed some bug’s

What´s next in my plans:

Next release will contain of one big feature – New Location.

And a couple of small ones – for example:

Fast travel (possibility to move to already opened location)
Sexual scenes with friendly NPC (write in your comments with who)
New positions for already existing monsters (write in your comments for which monster)

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