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The Inn – 0.03GE

– Started introducing MC’s childhood acquaintances (they’ll be properly introduced in the next update)

– Added content and story progression up to half of Day 8

– Changed the text boxes to transparent ones

– Added brazilian portuguese translation for the entire update

– Converted all the images to .webp, resulting in a much smaller file size than it would normally be

– Added an entire clothing store sequence with random peeping (5 in total) and glory hole (3 in total) scenes


This is something I’ve been working on the last couple of days and features a reworked Main Menu and an Extras menu.

The Extras menu features the Pictures, Music and Scene Replay galleries, they are as follows:

Pictures Gallery: contains all the pin-ups released so far.
Music Gallery: contains all the music features in the game.
Scene Replay Gallery: lets you replay certain scenes of the game.

To unlock the scenes on the Scene Replay gallery you will have to replay the game again to get the variables set (you can easilly and quickly do that with with the skipping function (hold Ctrl).

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