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The Hotel Manager – 0.2

Overall, 0.2 is about 50% bigger than 0.1 for a start. Both in terms of text and images.
First big change is I have moved from 720 to 1080p. All new renders and animations are done in 1080p and all the 0.1 renders and animations have been redone in 1080p. Most of them got re-lit as well. Many got tweaked and a few got completely redone. I was going to release this with all renders using webp encoding for maximum compression and ease of download but I found that some images are left with noticeable defects and artefacts so I have done a compressed version version using webp (which is still pretty good) and an uncompressed png version (which is ten times the size). Choose the version which best suits your bandwidth.
Emily (the gym manager) got a lot of love in this update. I started her story and was just enjoying it so much I kept going.
The girl on the train got a bit a love.
Christine and Sophie get one big scene together and a few smaller appearances.
This update also includes then end of the regular admin requirements each week. Hoorah!

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