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The DeLuca Family – 0.02

– Isabel:
Two Isabel quests and one animation.
– Gracie:

One quests (dance)
and two events. (One at day and one at night her room)

– Luna
One event (promotion event)
– One story section
– Main contract quest can now be completed.
– Laptop have gotten some minor (blurred) backgrounds for immersive reasons.
– Afternoon scene in mc’s bedroom have been changed slightly.
– Salary system
– Missions new become available depending on rank level
e.g. Shadow: The Snooping Bonans will be available at rank 3.
– The mission board have been optimized. The menu now works instantly with no waiting when switching sub menus.
– After doing a contract you be instantly taken back to the contract accept page for easy repeat.

– Level cap increased to 10.
– promotion event added
– New items
– New contracts
– Fixed inventory name bug
– Level keep increasing (Fixed)
– not giving the 300 dollars after story section 3(fixed)

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