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The Curse Of Pleasure – 0.5

  • Included a gamesave right before of 0.5 so you can continue without re-playing 0.4 (but it’s worth doing so).
  • New story chapter.
  • New feature: Hold ‘X’ while moving will enter dash mode.
  • Re-drawn all standing portrait poses.
  • Re-drawn all combat poses.
  • New outfit added: Prisoner’s outfit.
  • New sex scene: Missionary.
  • New sex scene: Doggy against the wall.
  • New animated scene: Kissing.
  • New animated scene: Handjob.
  • New animated scene: Blowjob.
  • Re-drawn scene: Breasts groped by little kid.
  • New additional variation for Drinking scene (cum eating).
  • New animated mini-scene: Ass-groping 1 & 2.
  • New animated mini-scene: Ass slapping.
  • New animated mini-scene: Pussy licking.
  • New animated mini-scene: X-ray penetration (un-used).
  • Re-worked clothing system.
  • Re-worked character pose system.
  • Re-touched some CGs’ images for better quality.
  • New characters.
  • New maps.
  • Dialogues/scenes minor edits from previous patches.
  • Reworked sound effects on some existing animated CGs (some of them is self-made).
  • Fixed alot of bugs/mistakes from previous version.
  • …And a billion minor things I can’t remember.

Default hotkeys:

  • Shift/Z – Menu.
  • Escape/X – Cancel/Running.
  • Enter/Space/C – Confirm/Interact.
  • Q – Skip message.
  • W – Hide message window.
  • S – Message log.

Known bug:

  • Sometimes characters sprites will be incorrectly scaled if you play the game with custom resolution.
  • Some graphics clipping/glitches (minimal amount).
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