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The Company – 5.5.0 Alpha

Story content now extends to October 27th
This includes several events starting from the end of Chapter 2
New personal events have been added to the game. These events act much like random conversations do, only they occur at fixed times and involve player interaction. Some of these events are contingent on players meeting certain goals by certain times.
Penny’s personal event will occur after the lab accident
Chris’ personal events will occur at night at home on certain days
Diana’s personal events will occur if you’ve dosed her to yield information on The Company before September 21st
One notable event will occur on Saturday, October 21st, where you will have the option of spending the day with Penny, Tasha, Chris, or Lauren. Each character will have their own requirements to appear as an option for that day
Some additional flavor text has been added to the morning drive if the player is a Sissy or a Bimbo
Some additional contextual text has been added for the store clerks
Removed event with Diana and Sophie in the records office. It didn’t contribute anything to the game and made for awkward scheduling display issues
Added new dialogue when getting into bed with Ava after dosing her to kiss you
Random conversations at home and work can no longer occur at Night
Chris has been recast in the game
Chris’ events are now Personal Events which trigger at home at night. There are still only three events at the moment, but they’ll attempt to trigger almost every Thursday night, starting September 14th, until you’ve experienced all three
The option to call Chris has been removed
The existing interactions with Chris have been polished significantly
All characters have now been added to the Notebook
MCS-X event now unlocks after October 27th
System Updates

Once you’ve reached the end of current story content, you’ll be prompted to save your game at that point. Saving past that point will result in save incompatibility moving forward
You will now be prompted to choose whether or not this is the first time you’ve played The Company. Selecting “No” will unlock the chapter select and cheats fields during character creation
You can now rename your family members during character creation
Added an option in your bedroom to have your door either locked or unlocked in the morning. If it’s locked, Ava will not be able to interact with you in the morning
Getting into bed with Ava or Dakota will now result in not having random night events
Missions/Quests such as making the CMD-1 in Chapter 1 or helping Penny in Chapter 3 are called “Tasks”
Tasks will be tracked in the sidebar for as long as they’re active
Love has been renamed Relationship and now scales to 100
Getting Relationship to go past 70 has additional requirements as this is considered a romantic relationship
Relationship notifications have been updated to reflect how much your Relationship was impacted
Increases and decreases in Relationship will now notify you of meeting any milestones
Lust has been renamed Corruption and now scales to 100
Dominance has been renamed Willpower
Doubled material cost of MCS-1, MCS-2, MCS-3, and MCS-X

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