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The Casting Couch – 1.10

– Quest chain – up to quest 18
– downtown added (in progress)
– backend performance updates
– backpage recruiting fame needed better matches quest progress
– starting ASMR patreon video scenes)
– (asmr video will replace patreon skype)
– less alpha on money/fame top gui
– all jobs now improve skills on use no random check
– added quest available text for new players on unlock
– using BACK key for ‘text log’
– fixed escape screen to show back key for text log
– gambling removed from office – improved version coming downtown
– sister in dorm able to visit in between quests
– changed entire opening game sequence – for improved new player experience
– changed office options / backpage model sequence for improved new player exp
– fixed stripclub banning for no reason
– lowered initial social stat check to 3
– lowered initial mental stat check to 3
– lowered initial physical stat check to 3
– lowered second stat check to 6
– hotel quest find maid now has quest color to help understand explore
– finding maid for quest rnd lowered
– gym workout timer (faster + job level bonus)
– fixed phone glitch on new player use/bills
– random travel encounters rely on fame only (removed money)
– fixed MrD fight name
– 2 more pov scenes added in chp 1
— added public debug quest keys
— f12 to increase quest step
— f11 to decrease quest step
— must complete quest step to debug that level
— will not be able to duplicate fame gain on redo
– All pubic versions now win7 compat
— AppData\Local\casting_couch – save loc all versions

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