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The Big Thaw – Alpha 11

Lots of catch-up work this build, Well, that and the Darkness puzzle and it’s reward scene.
Let’s roast this turkey …
The Dark Meat (New Stuff)
Darkness puzzle and reward scene.
Amy HUD in Med-lab.
Cahill HUD in Med-Lab (Cahill still doesn’t do much)
Randy HUD in Cryo 1 scene.
Fail safe for next door selection in hallway. Over rides some stupidity in Fate and SIN office.
The White Meat (Fixed Stuff)
Inventory behavior when no girl is active.
Amy Ride Attack. Jump to missing “SexLoop2”
Morgan never got over being pissed.
Leela right picture (tits picture) was totally borked.
Leela blow required affection inconsistent in in different areas.
Leela better dialog flow for Tits Picture and Blow.
Leela better flow for Pussy Sexy (Look at camel toe lines).
LeelaEyeAngry set to 0 when it needed to be 1 for Eye recover mini event.
Leela eye recover failed to trigger at right time because above.
Leela reading wrong return text for Frozen cum and Stop event.
Trash in recover dialog from dislocated shoulder event.
The Stuffing (Still Broken)
{TEST} If new room sequencer plays OK then Pull out old door selection crap in Fate Lab and SIN Lab.
{TEST} Darkness puzzle and reward scene.
{TEST} Leela’s “Eye Beautiful” needed cum in eye lines added back. (I think this is fixed)
{TODO} Rework SIN Office to linear question system.
{TODO} Add Morgan’s Affection HUD
{TODO} Milk Overfull event at 100% milk for Leela … maybe everybody.
{TODO} Tie Leela battery to Hucow scenes with Randy, Morgan and Heather. Need battery charge scenes for that.
{TODO} Handle low battery in Leela’s anger recovery.
{TODO} Update all Hucow scenes to be animated.
{TODO} Skip repeat in dress code quest. When f.LeelaWearsAsk is active skip dress code ask event.
{TODO} Add better milk orgasm returns for Leela. Plays kinda dumb now.
{TEST} Check all after sex dialog (Return paths) Especially Heather. (Seems fixed)
The Gravy (Don’t eat too much)

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