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The Allure of Wanton Cove – 1.13b Fix Public

v1.13b Fix
Fix for the broken tavern content.

-Added a second way into the mansion for those who get thrown out. Includes new scenes and new variants of existing scenes.
-Added the ability to whore yourself out in the Barmaid’s Daughter. It includes a series of scenes that can play out if your Depravity is high enough. These scenes are affected by Depravity and Virginity status. At present there are only three sex scenes (One has several variations), but I plan to add at least two more soon.
-Added whoring yourself out to the Cheat Menu.
-Added one new image to the game.
-There was a broken bit of content in the tavern which was preventing one scene from playing the way it was intended. It has been fixed.
-Adjusted the chance of Lady Anne appearing in the good part of town. She should appear roughly twice as often now.
-Spelling/Grammar fixes.
-Updated “Special Thanks” area with Patrons who pledged at the $10 and up levels.
-Added about 21k words of content to the game bringing the game’s total size up to about 460k words of content.

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