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Tentacle Slave – 0.9.0

  • A quest log has been added to the game, to make it easier to track what you’ve learned and what you need to do next.
  • Character portraits have also been added. So far, Felicia is the only main character with full-body art.
  • Kaylee the orphan catgirl now has character art!
  • Fixed an issue where you can’t choose to “be a woman” after the encounter with the Fae woman in the bar.
  • Fixed an issue with losing the tentacle attack on your house where you couldn’t get a tentacock if you already had a futa cock
  • Fixed an issue with combat during the tentacle attack on your house where you only had a servant or a slave, but not both
  • Added initiation scenes for the different priestesses you meet after discovering the coven of the Old Gods

Reported Bugs

  • If you don’t have both a servant and a slave, then during the tentacle attack you may see an error in combat. (fixed)
  • If you have a futa cock, you are incorrectly locked out of getting a tentacock after losing the tentacle attack. (fixed)
  • If the odd merchant in the forest doesn’t have any inventory, he shouldn’t appear.
  • Bandits in the forest event repeats and it shouldn’t
  • Drinking a potion removes 2 instead of 1
  • Preparing multiple reagents doesn’t advance time correctly
  • Potion reagents in the forest respawn if you pick them, save, and reload
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