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Tales Of Androgyny –

New features:
– Replay scenes feature backend, but isn’t available for use yet – will be in the next weekly
– Cum now drains over time outside of battle
New content:
– Added new Trudy camp sex encounter
– Includes pronebone art and new background
– Available at maxed relationship with Trudy in Camp by meeting with him and selecting “…”
– Added Trudy pronebone art in battle
– Initial expansion of the Centaur ending
– The game now plays in a sort of extended game over state, and there is currently no way to get a game over from this state (but there will be)
– There is both a daytime and a nighttime scene
– New centaur internal shot art
– Tweaked some existing art
– Added new centaur music
Tweaks and bug fixes:
– Fixed a crash bug with font generation
– Fixed a bug that prevented the player from getting out of the orc prone bone animation on the Pervert screen
– Fixed typos

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