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Tales Of Androgyny –

New features:
– Implemented Ironman mode
– Disables any saves but autosaves
– Will have its own save slots eventually – currently exists only in the autosaves
– Records for Ironman are displayed on the progress screen
– Achievements that are gained in Ironman have an asterisk next to them on the progress screen and count for twice the bonus points
– Upgraded enemy AI so that they take more intelligent actions, will continue to improve it
– Aroused enemies will not be as violent
– Healthy, non-aroused enemies will be more aggressive
– Certain enemies will have different, more unique behavior
New content:
– Added Dullahan anal art
– Added a Doppelganger encounter
– Added a new world map zone to explore – mostly populated with newer encounters
– Updated the slash animation
– Added an achievement for defeating the boss of Mount Xiuh at level 1
Tweaks and bug fixes:
– Upgraded enemy equipment and damage on certain enemy attacks
– Lowered enemy auto-arousal rate
– Increased Ogre damage mitigation and health
– Fixed enemy paper dolls
– Fixed choice in harpy divebomber encounter
– Can now click through enemy portraits on the Pervert screen
– Ghost can’t fall down anymore
– Removed resolution and preload options from Android version

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