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Tales Of Androgyny –

New features:
– Can now steal from stores
– Depends on agility
– Depending on the store, can steal a certain number of items before being caught
– Stolen items cannot be sold
– Added the ability to create looping branches in encounters to the engine
– More starting bonus options and multiple levels for existing options
– Bonus potions
– Starting clothing set
– Key for Cage
New content:
– Added Feral Werewolf (Quickshot) encounter
– Added Stockade encounter for stealing
– Added Goblin topping branches and art
– Can now win goblin encounter through topping
– Added Ass to Mouth achievement unlock
– Added achievement for finishing second Brothel quest
Tweaks and bug fixes:
– Removed 1 stat limit for 2 bonus stat points at character creation
– Fixed resizing issue on World Map that caused UI hitbox errors
– Fixed NG crash issue with class
– Fixed issue on character customization with certain hotkeys
– Fixed some text

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