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Take Over – 0.3.1

This also includes a lot of rebalance, trying to make the game less grindy and faster to play. I apologize if it felt like a grind fest, but its hard to find the exact point to make it not too easy but enjoyable.

-A lot of bug fixes.

-Now you get more serums when producing with supplies (2 instead of 1 and 7 instead of 5 for the batch)

-Adjusted Dimitria “ask for money” favor.

-Wage can now be increased up to $30 a day (once when Dimitria’s corruption is at 40 and again when at 80 or more)

-It now takes 3 days before Vera and Hilde visit the lab, instead of immediately after corrupting Dimitria.

-There is a hidden stat that tracks how many “illegal supplies” you’ve used (increasing your suspicion the more you do it). Now after delivering serums each week to Vera this number will decrease, depending on her trust on you.

-Reduced trust requisites for some of Vera’s favors and the new Vera sex scene. Also significantly increased how much trust you get per delivery, specially if you deliver more than what she asks for.

-When you discover the serum for the first time, you now get 5 serums instead of two.

-Working now reduces 10 points of suspicion instead of 5, and resting also reduces suspicion now (5 points).

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