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Take Over – 0.8

  • You now can corrupt the library up to 100! Also, you’ll have a sneak peak of what’s going to be in the next update at the last scene!
  • The next step corrupting Vera’s team! When you are done with the library, go to the PPF HQ and you’ll have the option, save a lot of serum tho!
  • First date with Vera: For those who like more slow paced, meaningful relationships, the first date with Vera is available, so long you didn’t corrupt her in the past. This scene doesn’t has sex, and it may take you more time to actually get in her pants following this path, but it should pay off!
  • Emma transformation, finally! Although she has no sex scenes yet, you can have a sneak peek of her new model. To transform her you need to finish your date/corrupting Vera, then call her.
  • 20 new public sex scenes in many places! These locations include the office, coffee shop, library, mall, park. For the scenes to appear you need to have trained the person up to 100% public use, or allow the public use policy in the right facility. If you don’t have 100% control of a location (i.e. coffee shop and library), these scenes won’t happen.

What to expect in the next build:

  • Exhibitionism training
  • New body transformations for 1 or 2 characters.
  • The brothel! This may be the last set of tasks available for your agents, and since it’s kinda complex, once I am done with it (which may take 1-2 months) the story will continue again to a faster pace.
  • next step of corruption for Vera, Branka, Cynthia and Margaret (up to 80, but not CREED yet, so no transformations nor special trainings).
  • New dates, hangouts, flirt and sex scenes!
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