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Take Over – 0.7

  • Added a new story event with Vera when you visit the PPF HQ. In this case, she will explain you all about facilities.
  • Facilities! These locations will provide with basic income and changes to the city, you’ll be able to upgrade certain tasks for your agents, and in some of them you’ll be able to put policies in place, as in how they dress, or how they attend customers, etc.
  • One facility fully finished: You’ll be able to corrupt the coffee shop, flirt with the barista, and even transform them if that’s what you wish!
  • Four partially added facilities: The secret bunker, which you need to repair to conduct insurgency tasks, the PPF HQ, where you can upgrade your agent tools for their security tasks, your house, where you can put different policies for Celia and Katy (still WIP), and the library, where you will get introduced to a new character and agent, named Jasey.
  • New four tasks! Now all the tasks for insurgency and security have been added. These include raiding, sabotage, intelligence and misdirection. There will be certain upgrades for your raid and sabotage tasks in the next update, will you can find new updates for your security tasks in the PPF HQ facility inside the journal.
  • You now can research all the five body types, adding BBW, petite and bimbofication! in case you have extra research, you can start using it in this way. RIGHT NOW you can’t transform any character with these, although you can transform the girls at the coffee shop into bimbos!
  • New mechanic: Manpower! When you capture facilities (or in special occasions), you will get certain amount of man power. These can be assigned to any tasks, and will perform just slightly worse than one of your regular agents, so even if the roster of characters doesn’t grows significantly, you can still run big operations (right now it’s only available for labor tasks, which includes wage slavery, doing research or producing serum)
  • Also, public use training can be completed for for Celia, Katy, Dimitria and Mirjana (right now, just with their normal bodies).
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