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Take Over – 0.6.1

  • New transformation! You’ll be able to give them a strong, muscular body to your girls now! This is for the four girls. New set of actions (Sex, BJ, etc.) for the four girls in their normal, ideal and strong transformations. Last voyeur scene for the four girls.
  • New training: Public use! The first 2 out of 4 scenes for the four girls, in their different TFs! New social network! You can check their SpyBook profile from your computer at home, just click in “Browse internet”, it includes scenes for the four girls from 0 up to 100 of corruption, new images and news will appear depending on their traits. New small events in the coffee shop (1), park (2), office in downtown (1).
  • New skills: Advanced tasks (for Celia and Katy), and combat training for the rest. New locations in the map(all of them WIP): Park, mall, downtown and PPF HQ. A new guide! It was done with the version 0.5, but that’s where the story ends so far, so it covers all the game pretty much. I will go more in depth with this guide in the future tho! Around 15k words of content and over 500 new images! I think the biggest update so far! (not sure if with writing, but definitely with renders)
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