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Take Over – 0.5

  • 4 Scenes to corrupt Luka, one of Vera’s closest allies. This will be divided in a route where you can let Emma corrupt him and have fun with him, or don’t. Each scene has some sexy content in it, and the last step of corruption has 4 different sex options.
  • Continuing the main plot! This includes researching a male serum if you want to corrupt Vera, or just partner with her and assault the People’s Police Force headquarters!
  • New journal after you’re done with this part of the story.
  • Basic management, including 4 tasks (Research, produce serum, regular jobs and counter-intelligence) and supplies management.
  • Over 150 new renders and images!
  • Added a “Update names”, this will run over the “names”, making certain updates easier. You can do this through the computer at the MCs house.
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