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Take Over – 0.5 alpha

Hello patreons! Here it’s the alpha 0.5 version of Take Over! Now it must be mentioned that I feel like this version will feel shorter than previous not, even if not, this is because most of the (OPTIONAL) sexy content in it its for public use/sharing Emma and some bi content with Luka, the guy down there.

Now if the story goes like this it’s because I find it kinda fitting for a character like Emma, who is a perv, to push the boundaries of the MC as much as possible, but never to the point that you would have to do something you don’t want.

So if you like voyeur, sharing, or even some bi stuff, 0.5 will be for you! But if thats not the case don’t worry, next updates will be more vanilla and straight forward as past updates, since I’ll be introducing new characters to corrupt and have fun as with the first characters, including the agent Vera.
Also I had to invest a lot time redoing the journal, but this is going to be tricky: The new journal will only appear after you finish the story line in 0.5, think of it as the MC upgrading its own notebook after so much shit happens. And not just that, but the game will also have more mechanics in 0.6 and 0.7, and I’m kinda excited by that part, but you guys we’ll see in time!

Without further ado, a short changelog for the alpha:

-Three kinda long scenes with over 5k of words and over 50 renders.
-Continue the story, decide to side with Vera or corrupt her! For now the content in this alpha only includes its path towards her corruption.
-The first 2 out of 4 levels of corruption of Luka.
– Research and develop a male serum at your lab!

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