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Take Over – 0.4.5d

Hello patreons! Here is the release of take over alpha build! I think there are not too many bugs if any, but please let me know any error that may be there since there are many variables here and there that could mess things a little bit. This preview focus on Dimitria, for those who like her! The final release of 0.4.5 will include as much content for Mirjana, plus some content for Emma, Vera, Margaret and Erika, mostly SFW content though. As a note cheating is not recommended unless you have already reached 100 with her, since she having 0 corruption is key to trigger certain story events. Hangout action for Dimitria, if you want to check it out feel free to cheat and reduce her corruption to 0, 40, 60, and 80/100. Voyeur training, including the CREED scene and 4 scenes to increase her skill up to 70. Transformation! A short scene where you change her body, the results can be seen above! In total around 4.5k words of content. This plus Mirjana and the others means this monthly update will be above the 10k words in length of content, which is good IMO. And that’d be all for now! Full release will be around day 20 or so, so stay tuned!

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