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Take Over – 0.4.5 official

Hello patreons! Here is finally the release of 0.4.5, it includes the content from the alpha version (which was only Dimitria’s) and new one too! I tested it and AFAIK there are no bugs but again, one scene here or there may have an error, but I doubt anything significant so just hit “ignore” and keep going if this happens.

Without furhter ado, the changelog:

-Four hangout action for Mirjana and Dimitria, if you want to check it out feel free to cheat and reduce her corruption to 0, 40, 60, and 80/100.
-Voyeur training for Mirjana and Dimitria, including the CREED scene and 4 scenes to increase her skill up to 70.
-Transformation scene for Mirjana and Dimitria! Again this is for the ideal body, all new scenes have these variants, old scenes don’t tho.
-Single hangout scene for Vera, Margaret and Erika!
-Total content for this update around 12k words and over 150 images!

Now let’s talk about 0.5 and future updates: 0.5 will be about the story again, giving you the chance to corrupt Vera, more intimacy with Emma, and changing things a little bit about the gameplay, since I’ll try to reduce micromanagement (aka creating the serums yourself) as much as possible, also improving he tasks that you can give to your faithful soldiers or workers so you can get more money and supplies.

I also will add things that will consume these resources, but we’ll see over time since I don’t want to make the game too hard or punishing, at least to the point that’s not fun.

The idea is focusing on the story 1 month, then the next month focusing on content, so after 0.5.0 is released I will work on 0.5.5 which will be just new sexy content (voyeur scenes, new training, new random encounters, etc.) and no further development to the plot, in this way I make sure to game has a good balance between story and fun.

I want to thank you all for your support so far, and any new feedback, suggestions, bug reports, etc. Are always welcome, and please feel free to either leave them in a comment here or in the discord!

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