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Take Over – 0.4.0

  • New social interaction for Celia: Hangout. This is a less sexual interaction that you can find in the Action menu (like kisses, groping, etc.) There are two options for this: Hangout in the house, and going to the restaurant. In total there are 8 scenes (at corruption < 40, < 60, < 80, and 80+), including a voyeur scene if you have trained Celia in the last scene.
  • Voyeur training for Celia: Includes the initial training in CREED and 4 different scenes to increase her skill up to 70, it opens 2 scenes in hangout’s too!
  • Ideal transformation for Celia and Katy: The first transformation available for her! It will increase her breasts and ass significantly although not to silly levels imo! All the new high tier scenes have their normal and transformed version, old sex scenes are not updated yet (and may not to be honest, but all future content will).
  • New social interaction for Katy: Same as with Celia’s, you can find in the action menu when you talk with her.
  • Voyeur training for Katy: Same as with Celia, it adds an extra scene in the house hangout when Celia’s corrupted.
  • Around 20k words of text, most of it focused on the world that surrounds these characters and your character’s hosehold!
  • Some bug fixes that the alpha build had, nothing heavy nor game breaking.
  • Over 400 renders!

And that’d be all actually, I strongly recommend if you are using an old save to cheat and reduce Celia’s corruption to 39, 59, 79 and 100 to see all the hang out scenes she has, since they are the main dish for this update!

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