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Taffy Tales – 0.8.1

• Added/Continued 4 storylines involving Becca, Clara, Gerda and Priscilla.
• Added 30+ new full scenes with 60+ unique images (including new unique backgrounds).
• Added 7 new locations(Becca’s hallway, Becca’s room, Becca’s bathroom, Priscilla’s hallway, Priscilla’s room, Priscilla’s bathroom, Clara’s room) with unique background images.
• Added new skip feature(skip check button under dialog box).
• Added new animation effects for MC thoughts.
• Added 10+ new short scenes.
• Added new items to purchase in the general shop.
• Added new items to discover.
• Added new quests & tasks.
• Updated ingame gallary.
• Reworked evil skin of MC.
• Removed puzzle minigame (new minigames will be added in the future updates).
• Removed character animation effects (it will be improved and updated later).
• Reworked a LOT of characters poses.
• Fixed bug with map blocking(thanks to Chris for his report).
• Updated cheat code.
New amazing and unique dialogues in the new scenes of this update are made by Lostraven! You can find his page here.

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