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Sword of Wonder – 0.22 Fixes

What’s new so far versus the .21 release?
226 total images, up from 142 (excluding 30 FPS animation) – nearly as large an update as the latest Romancing the Kingdom .45 :)

Content updates:
* new card mini-game (please leave feedback)
* new kitchen mini-game
* a third possible achievement (the first two would require playing twice, so the second sequential achievement) included in game.

Other changes:
Spelling, grammar and bugs as usual. Updated title screen with new version, new start icon and taskbar icons for Windows (not yet validated in Mac or Linux, only Windows 10).

Known issues (will be fixed in the official .22 release in mid-feb):
* If you load a save file from .21 it may cause a crash. (Already fixed in the .22 release, but, the below is the 2nd beta that I shipped a week ago for the two highest reward tiers).

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