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SuperPowered – 0.24.01

  • Character Nikki – poses
  • Character Nikki – Interactions
  • Character Nikki – Power Interactions
  • Allie Classroom Event continuation
  • Samantha Classroom Event
  • Denise Fetish Invite Scene

What’s it mean?
Character Nikki – poses :
Standard poses, and outfits have been created.
Character Nikki – Interactions : You can now ask Nikki out to get coffee and what not.
Character Nikki – Power Interactions : Social Powers will work on Nikki.
Allie Classroom Event continuation : 2 new scene additions have been added to Allies Classroom event chain.
Samantha Classroom Event : Samantha now has a classroom event chain.
Denise Fetish Invite Scene : If her fetish is unlocked, Denise now has an alternate invite over scene.

That’s it?
I have over 100 more images already created for Nikki, but until her gating mechanic is finished being built, there was no point in writing scenes for them. I will continue on with Nikki in 0.21.00 once everything is in place.

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