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Summer In Springtime – 0.8.0

EDIT #1 : Oops! Updated the game builds! Sorry for the broken ones earlier! Android link updated to a rebuilt one since the 2nd build didn’t want to install.

Hey folks!

Aw yiz! It’s here! It’s here! After about 2 months of intensive work! I’m releasing the game here first then I’ll move on to updating the online builds. Some things to take note of in this version:

– Backgrounds are missing or haven’t been updated yet. It’s still using the old backgrounds. I’ll touch on this in the next update. Just gotta figure out the style.
– 21 of 22 scenes are done! Only 1 main special scene remains not done yet.
– Multiple scenes are being thought of for the group scenes. You’ll see when you get there ;)

-I’m trying to get the sound for the iOS browsers to work and added a few sound code tweaks to try to activate them. This is when you click to reveal the main menu in the Title Screen, and when you click the 3-bar Menu on the upper right corner while in-game. I’m not sure if this’ll work or not, so you can give the online version a try when I’m done updating them.

PS: There’s only 1 Android package this time around. If, for some reason, you’re on an Intel CPU, give it a try since the last time I tried it on the Android x86 emulator, it worked. I had some problems building the Android version, so let me know if you encounter problems with it, like not wanting to install, etc…


NEW! 21 of 22 special scenes in the game!

NEW! New original artworks in!

NEW! Partial CZ fan translation by John_Smit in!

FIX! Changed the way fan translation are handled. (Duplicate entries are removed.)

FIX! Fan translations show up as system font for consistency’s sake. English defaults to custom font.

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