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Succulence – 0.98.1

+ 2 Classroom events added.
+ Reactions to revealing suit added.(only in Serena’s classroom for now)
+ Art Club event added(4 variations).
+ Statue of Serena added in the hallway(has daily buffs/debuffs)
+ 2 Card club events added.
+ Serena can participate in club tournaments without underwear.(need reduce shame II)
+ 5 Pool events added.
+ New swimming outfit added.
+ 1 Gym event added.
+ Nude beach trip added.
+ 1 Gem event added.(untested – beware)
– Salary bonuses added for completing club events.
– Accessories now don’t unequip if “undress” option is selected in the wardrobe.
– Added a spot that you can dump excessive scans of Serena’s body into(in the faculty room).
– Status menu now properly shows Serena’s customization options.
– Added option for increasing available save-slots to the options menu.(still wip)
– Slightly changed Serena’s expression in one of the Lust Frenzy animated scenes.
– Added a bunch of hints on how to get some outfits to recollection room.(only 3 so far, let me know if you’d like me to add more)
What didn’t make it:
– Main story – it will be added in one big package next month.
– Normal beach events – ran out of time.
– Roof event. – ran out of time.
– Contract related events – ran out of time.
– 1 gym event – removed due to being too ridiculous.
– Questlog – good news is: it works, but it will take some time to fill it up. It should get released along with main story update next month.

That’s about it. This update can be called a “filler” one, right before November main story update, so there’s not much development of any kind and some events are kind of short.

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