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Succulence – 0.95.2

+ New Aria event added.
+ School Fair holiday added(2 events).
+ 5 Tutoring events added(includes new master and task for submission contract).
+ Serena can look in the window of Richards house when she’s doing daily exposure quest(requires progression with tutoring).
+ Added early train event for revealing suit(2 events)
+ Added new option at the diner table in the evening(+ event for revealing suit).
+ Both Bikini’s are available in the pool(+ small swimming event).
+ Anniversary tape added to Serena’s collection.

– Serena now receives daily payment when she visits school(possible bonuses for doing club activities in the future).
– Sanity/lust sustain items cost slightly cheaper now.
– Fixed some bugs involving early train with science club progression overlapping.
– Clothes are properly removed when stolen/teleported in all cases.
– Clothing shop is only locked after confirming purchase now.
– Bikini unlocks in Cosplay Club after talking to Jenny(progressing Gem events isn’t necessary anymore)
– A lot of recollection room bugs and issues got fixed(some events still don’t work properly, especially revealing suit variations).

Didn’t make it:
– Main story progression: It’s pretty funny, considering this was supposed to be a big main quest update, but here we are. The way that I approached main quest was wrong, so I cut almost all related events for now. I’ll re-do at least part of them for the next update.
– Quest log: I was supposed to make a prototype this month, but it still has some issues that need to be worked out(mainly with old saves).
– New outfit for the pool. – Ran out of time. Will add it for the next update.
– New public request – Ran out of time.

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