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Succulence – 0.9.3

+ New skills added for all 3 contracts.
+ New task for Stan added.
+ New Eve event added.
+ 2 exposure events added.
+ 4 classroom events added(3 for revealing suit).
+ Video Club event added.
+ Art Club event added for revealing suit.
+ Running home naked event expanded.
+ Cheerleading event added.
+ Beach class trip event added(only 1 small event so far and a few items).
+ Gloryhole event added.
+ Small tutoring event added.
+ Homeless man near Serena’s house can finally be captured.
+ New outfit available for diner dates – 2 new encounters added for it:
Old encounters are still there, new are not randomized – are dependent on underwear choice.
+ Aria apology event added(>_<)
+ Skills are now only purchasable one after the other(you can’t skip reduce shame I anymore)
+ Eve task got added to recollection room.
+ Fixed some recollection room bugs.
+ Fixed bugs with running home naked event.
+ Fixed Serpent Coin in Richards house.
+ Added new expression for panties off skill when reduce shame II is obtained.
Didn’t make it:
– pool, gym and roof events – lack of time on my side.
– train event for revealing suit – got replaced with cheerleading event.
– nickname interactions – that will come with the expansion of submission contract.
– Exposure contract isn’t fully done, even though you can reach 100 of it now – there are still some outfit restrictions(or lack of reactions) in many places. This is the biggest contract that has influences big parts of the game(unlike the others which are more constricted), so it will take some time to fully complete it.
– New skills for submission and domination contract are experimental, and I would like to hear your opinions on them(especially on domination one) – they are made in a way to be similar to reduce shame, and unlocking them will unlock more events tied to these contracts in the future.

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