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Succulence – 0.85.3

New stuff:
+ Main story progression added.
+ New maps and ruins section added.
+ Slums and top floor of the shrine are available.
+ New enemies added.
+ New defeat screen added in new areas.
+ 2 Bad endings added in new areas.
+ 3 Aria events added.
+ 2 Hot springs events added.
+ Added Eve task for submission contract.
+ Cheerleaders event added in school grounds.
+ New Video Game club event added.
+ Library event added with revealing suit.
+ Stan mini-event added in class.
+ Added option to stay in school when Serena’s clothes get taken away.
+ Added another Stranger encounter.
+ Locked door in the other world inn can be unlocked.
– Added item that let’s user escape from “captured” state.(untested)
– recollection room is accessible from school and inn in the other world(untested).
– Added wardrobe near orc village.
– Bombs are more expensive now.
– Skull of defeat is slightly cheaper.
– Fixed several bugs with Panties Off.
– Fixed bugs with Eve and Stan both being masters at the same time(need to enter Serena’s home to fix it for old saves).

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