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Succulence – 0.8.3

+ New teacher suit added.
+ New combat suit added.
+ 2 new contracts added.
+ New skills available at Eve.
+ New items added to Desire Shop, that prevent bad ends,
and make unlocking contracts easier.
+ 3 events added for Science Club.
+ Bad ending added to Science Club.
+ Aftermath event added for Science Club(different for every teacher suit)
+ 3 Park events added.
+ New nicknames added.
+ New event with Angie added.
+ 2 events with Stan added.
+ New sleepwear added.
+ Lust Frenzy is available to use at school.
+ Contract mark now is divided on 3 stages.

– Conditions for unlocking black suit have been changed: You now need to have only sexy clothes(garter + panties) and fancy teacher suit to unlock it).
– Added pop-up message in the supermarket when black suit unlocks.
– numerous Desire Shop issues fixed(deleted outdated items, updated stock).
– Fixed bugs with science club conflicting with other events.(not sure if all of them…)

What didn’t make it:
– Unique new combat suit events: Contracts and countless shop bugs ate too much of my time, so they will be added in the next update.
– Exposure contract finish: Unfortunately naked strolls through crowded town will have to wait until next update, because I want to make proper citizen reactions to such event, and there’s a lot of them.
– All of the might be done section of last month’s schedule. Rip.

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