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Succulence – 0.75.3

Other world:
+ 3 combat skills added(2 require exposure contract).
+ 3 new events added in orc village, 2 of them animated.(all unlock after completing trials)
+ New npc added that exchanges serpent coins.(2 encounters)
+ New Aria event added(untested, be wary).
+ New Public Request added(selling panties).
+ Defeat event changed and has 2 variations now.
+ Blessing can be bought from the fortune teller in preparation room.
+ 3 tutoring events added.(they combine into one big one.)
+ 1 Bruce event added(animated – Lust frenzy and critical lust required)
+ Drunk dancing event added in the diner(for white and black tops)
+ 2 Gem events added.
+ Train event reworked – happens in the morning now(old one is in the recollection room, tell me which one’s better)(different version for black suit)
+ New “sleeping on the train event” added(different version for black suit)
+ New tape added to Serena’s collection.
+ Lust Frenzy is now available to use during exposure daily quest(untested – 2 npc’s added)
+ 3 class events reworked to make them more sexy – lesson with critical lust, self-study with critical lust and critical sanity.(black suit required)
low sanity now takes priority in class events(means if you have critical sanity and lust, sanity version of the event will happen.)
+ New event added in the card club.
+ Small event added in the art club(after unlocking the shawl event – repeat the notebook one)
+ New event added in cosplay club
+ 2 new outfits added.
+ Normal End now has an image in the recollection room.
+ New event added when leaving empty classroom, requires exposure contract.
– Critical sanity changes from 20 to 25 – all events and Lust Frenzy adjusted.
– Lust limit is now on display in menu.
– Title music isn’t so ear-piercingly loud anymore.
What didn’t make it:
– Park events: That’s a big one. I constantly pushed them back in my schedule and in the end there wasn’t time left for them. I’ll add them next month definitely.
– Exposure progress – I had plans to unlock the full power of the contract, but ran out of time…
– Fluffy quest – I added it, but there have been a few issues with that quest, so I disabled it for now.

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