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Succulence – 0.72

+ 1 new classroom event, plus 2 variations to the old one.
+ 2 G.E.M. events.
+ New empty faculty room event(4 variations) – faculty room is now empty sometimes.
+ 1 Video Game club event.
+ 1 Small gym event
+ 1 Art Club event.
+ Exposure Contract reworked – you can fill the gauge up to 50 now.
+ You can buy Panties Off from Eve now(Exposure contract required)
+ New pool event.
+ New naked walk home event – empty classroom at 15 exposure or more(naked).
+ You can dress by the window now(3 variations) – Exposure contract required.
+ You can walk further from home naked at night(15 exposure required).
+ New homeless man event in the exposure daily quest area.
+ New public request available after completing orc trials.

– Recollection Room changed to fit all 27 new entries(and is cramped again)
– Park event got reset(for the old saves).
– Many recollection room bugs fixed.
– Warning added to the “Instant text” option, since it can influence cut-scenes negatively.
– Serena can leave house naked even if she did daily quest already.(Might be buggy)
– Recollection room now has hints on how to unlock all the chairs.(I hope they are helpful enough, and if you feel that some are too vague, do let me know.)

What didn’t make it:
– Aria event: I got sidetracked and didn’t have time for her.
– Train event rework – same as above.
– 1 Gem event – I didn’t like the way dialogue was written, so I scrambled it. I’ll edit it and add it back with another photo session in the next update.

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