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Succulence – 0.55

– Diner One Night Stand has 4 random scenes with different men(and different sanity, lust and exp gains).
– Added new teacher outfit(can be bought in the supermarket), and updated all the scenes in school and town to include it.
– Added photoshoot event at the GEM studio(You need a new outfit for it).
– Added 2 new scenes to Science club, with new CG, and new skill that you obtain when you complete them.
– Added new modeling scene to Art Club(repeatable).
– You can help a student find a book in the library now(repeatable).
– There’s a scene in the bar with Bruce, that triggers when you wear a specific outfit.
– There’s a lust limit now, and if you reach it, it triggers a bad end(it’s 150 for now).
– Serena can masturbate in the school toilet one per day now.(with CG)
– You can find used condoms on the roof now, but only after certain condition is met.
– Masturbation now takes away 5 lust instead of 10.

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