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Strange Gift – 0.9

New Content:

  • Chloe has a small scene at the pool where she will offer to help you seduce other girls.
  • Chloe arm wrestling scene at the cafe
  • Trying to play with housewives in the swing club leads to different dialog and has changed functionality.
  • Making out with Mia at the pool gives you a special scene.
  • Mia and Chloe are now needed to help you end the darkness at the pool.
  • There’s a new graphic for “Fight Darkness” at the church.

UI Improvements:

  • If a girl has become your slave, her name will now appear in orange on the phone.


  • Game will no longer throw an exception when you ask Mia her name.
  • It is no longer possible to close the cafe without doing the ritual.
  • You should no longer get the option of doing the darkness defeating ritual at locations where it has already been defeated.
  • Graphic for Fighting Darkness at the club now displays properly.

Functionality Changes:

  • The odds of a skill-up when practicing Bondage/Spanking have been doubled.
  • Spanking, Bondage, and Exhibitionism, and Sex in the Church, and Blowjobs in public places all increase submission slightly faster, reducing the grind. The formula for submission increase from sex and blowjobs at home or in the club remains the same, however, there is now a minimum increase of 1.
  • Half of a character’s mana, rounded up, carries over to the next day, making more mana available for casting spells sometimes (and as a result, more chances for skill ups.)
  • The costs of Be More Daring and Limited Consent have been reduced by 5 submission. The cost of Blanket Consent remains the same (50, or 25 with Limited Consent).
  • The darkness now wins in locations if the darkness level reaches 50, rather than 100.
  • It is no longer possible to increase the submission of an girl who is working for the enemy above 9, and therefore you can no longer give her a rule.
  • Girls who used to work for the enemy are no longer surprised that you know about magic.
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