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Strange Gift – 0.8

New Content:
You may now make a date to meet a girl later in the day, once you have some affection with her. Dates for Leather and Steel require a girl to be willing, and then some, to do something kinky with you, and girls do not make dates to meet you at their workplace.
Girls give a wider variety of responses to spanking and bondage requests, that provide a clue to their enthusiasm for the activity in general.
New location, the church. Most girls only go there if they’ve agreed to help you with magic and you make arrangements to meet them there. Unlock by talking to an Ex-Nun (new profession)
Added closing scene for the Cafe, involving Mia, with 5 new full-screen renders.
UI Improvements:
There is now a help function available from both the location screen and the character interaction screen.
Functionality Changes:
Chloe now prefers jokes to serious conversation.
Girls are now more reluctant to engage in activities beyond flirting if they are at work (e.g., lifeguards at the beach, or dominatrixes at the dungeon.)
You can no longer ask a girl to be your date for the swing club if you already have a date for the swing club.
The number of magical girls in the game by day 32 should always now be 9.
The cafe now requires a special scene with Mia to close it.
Mia works quite a bit differently in a number of ways — she is less available to do things at the cafe, for instance, but flirting with her there (by ordering a drink) doesn’t stop you from flirting with another patron.

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