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Strange Gift – 0.7

New Content:
New renders for having sex and for spanking in the Nightclub, for all 15 character models.
You can now use submission to help a character overcome their dislikes.
Added new custom character, Mia, who enters the game sometime between game 10 and 20.
UI Improvements:
The list of things you know about the characters and the rules about them now appear on a background that will make them easier to read.
The placeholder icon for your stats on the cellphone has been replaced.
The nemesis no longer decreases her own lust, and she should now properly decrease the lust of girls at her own location providing the darkness is greater than 0.
Casting Learn Sexuality on a girl who strongly dislikes impact or bondage, when one already knows the dislike bondage or impact from having asked them to play, no longer creates a duplicate of the information.
Getting a character to 100 affection and then asking them about their job no longer pushes them over 100.
“Nevermind” option on “Summon Girl” now works properly.
Functionality Changes:
One now has to know a character is magical in order to give them the rule “Help Me With Magic”
There will no longer exist Strippers with a dislike of Exhibitionism, or Housewives with a dislike of “Sex”
Girls who dislike both sex and exhibitionism will no longer show up at the Swinger parties.
There is no longer a random roll to determine if a girl will come over, or be your date for the Swinger parties. As a result, one can no longer ask them repeatedly until one gets the answer one wants. Also, there is now a minimum lust requirement for saying yes to either proposal, but “Limited Consent” and “Blanket Consent” can substitute for meeting the affection/lust requirements. (Limited Consent requires Compersion not to be a dislike for the Swinger Club, and Sex not to be a dislike for going to your house.)
It is now possible for the scripted characters (Olivia, Mia, or Chloe) to be working for the enemy.
Members of some professions are reluctant to tell you what they do until you get to know them.
Having girls helping you with magic no longer affects your mana pool — it’s a strong enough thing without that. As a result, mana will no longer exceed “Max Mana”
The minimum darkness for any location is now 5 less than your darkness at home, so you have to fight the darkness at home before having a great effect elsewhere.
Unlocking the Swing Club will no longer bring 2 new girls into the game automatically.

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