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Strange Gift – 0.11

New Content:

  • There’s a new cos-play and sex scene with Olivia
  • Winning the game gives you a better reward with Freyja.

UI Improvements:

  • The game will no longer tell you that you can’t bring the darkness down due to the level of darkness at home, when you have brought the darkness down to 0 or less. (One less annoying message)


  • The display of darkness in the lower right hand corner will now properly indicate the maximum darkness level of a location.

Functionality Changes:

  • Characters can no longer randomly get the name “Mia”
  • Girls who are your slave no longer randomly show up where you have already defeated the darkness, unless it is because they work there (e.g., a Barrista at the Cafe)
  • Darkness can no longer go below -25
  • The church now unlocks eventually even if you don’t have a conversation with the ex-nun — but the nun can still help you unlock it faster.
  • The maximum number of nemeses you can get in the game is now set to 2.
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