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Strange Gift – 0.10.1

New Content:

  • Stripper pole scenes using the Exhibitionism Fetish now available at both Lifestyles and Leather and Steel for all characters (Around 30 new renders.)
  • A new scene with Olivia at the Pool
  • New location, the office, with a new scene related to winning the game.
  • It’s now possible to win the game — or fall short. Either way, you can continue playing.

UI Improvements:

  • Darkness screen on your phone now displays maximum values for every location.
  • Girls known to be non-magical now have their names displayed in gray rather than black or white on the main location screens.


  • Some screen images that would pop up again when you leave a location should no longer do so.

Functionality Changes:

  • Exhibitionism gives more of a Submission boost in general, including the scenes with Mia.
  • The time to learn and the cost to cast of “Learn Sexuality” has been reduced.
  • When you start researching a new spell, you now make progress on it immediately, which means that (a) all spells are effectively one research point cheaper, and (b) it helps to have a Librarian or Professor who is helping you with magic in the library with you when you start researching a spell.
  • Once your vacation is over, you have to go to the office every workday morning.
  • Sex in the church now reduces the darkness at a faster rate than elsewhere.
  • The ex-Nun will appear more frequently in public locations until the church in unlocked, making it less frustrating to find her to unlock the church.
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