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Stationmaster – 0.14

New room: Arena

New Furniture:

Lethal/Nonlethal/Audience/Xeno Fighting Pits: Have your slaves fight for your entertainment. Slaves must be assigned to the appropriate arena, and must be in a prep station to begin the fight.

Prep Station: Let your people gawk at the arena fighters before they go to the floor

Bleachers and Box Seats: Both of these provide income as people watch fights. Most arenas have seating built-in, but these let you expand that. Bleachers are usable by poor and middle-class visitors, and box seats are exclusively for rich citizens or tourists.

Four Different Xenos: One can be placed like any other furniture, and three are unlocked by random events.

Arena Drone: An insane cyborg that will efficiently murder anything you put in front of it

Sporemother: A pestilent monster responsible for many a disappearing colony

Defiler: A creature of unknown origins and blasphemous tastes

Devourer: Consumes everything and anyone it can

Mod Support

You can now edit the text files under “/StreamingAssets/Text”, which includes events, inspection, and a bunch of other stuff.

There is documentation on the new GitHub page here. Feel free to create pull requests. Any code that gets accepted into the main branch will get included in the main game.

Note that, if you dig into the files, you might find spoilers. There are currently things in the game that are hard to access, and the number of things in that category will increase as the main story gets developed.

Bugfixes and Misc Improvements:

Generally speaking, I’ve taken care of enough of the “Mod Support and Mystery Box” tasks that it’s no longer worth it to have the voting option.
What’s left of it will be rolled into the next few patches instead.

New missionary animation from a professional animator. This is a preview of what’s to come in 0.15, in which I plan to have the rest of the sex animations professionally re-done as well.

Reworked the slave list based on your feedback:

You can now set a slave’s assignment directly from the slave list
Slave acquisition is now displayed on the slave list (hover for a tooltip that shows the full text)
Slave list now remembers your previous sorting option.
You can now rename slaves from the slave list (just click on the name and type)
Added progress bars to repairs for damaged ships

Fixed animations on milk tap and head girl desk

Fixed a bug that allowed you to destroy the Fae multiple times, and without the preceding event.

Fixed a bug that was duplicating factions, causing instability in the late game

Fixed a bug that was preventing the embryo splitter implant from properly making twins/triplets/etc.

Fixed a bug that prevented breeding colonies from producing some alien types

Fixed a bug that returned lost planets to you after a trip to the galaxy map

Fixed a bug where the assistant could appear with a selected planet, giving it legs

Fixed an issue with children of exos not displaying all exo traits

Rules assistant rules will no longer trigger before the pane is closed

Reduced number of seats on the seating area, which should cut down the lag at the bar

Changed the music of the lobby and bar to be more consistent with their new directions (no more elevator and cheesy shopping music).

Going to the galaxy map or loading a game no longer wipes out “Rival Enslaved” and “War Declared” messages.

Fixed a bug that produced multiple copies of factions in the diplomacy screen under certain conditions (will be automatically applied when you load a game).

Enough other bugfixes that it would take too long to list them all. This patch took out almost all known bugs though, so if you’ve reported a bug, it’s likely fixed now.


Finisher animations for the Xeno pit and the nonlethal pit are not completed yet. 0.15 will likely contain those.

Removed since Design:

I cut the Bookie Station because the Arena already has too much stuff, and will likely be expanding over time (the stats update will likely add a racetrack, some sort of amphitheater, and some sort of strength trial).

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