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Stationmaster – 0.12

New Screen: Rules Assistant

Accessible from the station management screen

Set up as many rules as you want, with a variety of preconditions and actions.

Sample rules:

  • Assign all exos to be suite pets
  • Sell slaves as soon as they’ve peaked in value from training
  • Give all new slaves fertility implants

Graphical Updates:

I overhauled the graphics for most of the station (with the exception of the apartments, dairy, pod hotel, and suite, which I hope to get to next week). Note that this changed the dimensions of some of the ships and shopping district furniture, and they might overlap in your saves. If that happens, just bulldoze the offending items and rebuild them.

New Window: Help

This should help to make the game a little less daunting. The encyclopedia contains a ton of gameplay and lore information, including answers to the most common questions I’ve heard, more information about the factions, and a couple hints about future development and story progression. You can access it from the pause menu.

Other Improvements:

Children of exos now inherit the race from their mothers.

More memory improvements (the most significant yet).

At least a dozen fixes for bugs reported here, on the forums, and on Discord

Made loading and dialog engines more resilient, and they should do a better job of surviving minor errors (hopefully reducing the frequency of infinite load and dead end crashes).

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