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Stationmaster – 0.11a

Added pregnancy

Slaves can now become pregnant, either by the player character or by brothel users

Pregnancy probability depends on the slave’s cycle.

Pregnant slaves will eventually give birth to babies, which can be sold or raised in growth vats until their 18th birthdays, at which point they will be released into your service. Note that you can’t enslave your own children because of Patreon’s rules.

New furniture: Growth Vat and Advanced Growth Vat

Both accelerate time for your future slaves until they reach 18. The advanced growth vat is more expensive, but works faster.

New Implants:

Factory Implant: Keeps slave permanently pregnant with clones of herself

Contraceptive Implant: Prevents pregnancy

Gestation Speed Implant: Decreases gestation time

Embryo Splitter Implant: Substantially increases probability of twins/triplets/etc.

Misc changes:

You now need to take over all of a faction’s planets to defeat it and enslave its leader

Added a distinct and customizable player character

Added skin color customization

Added “Implant All” button to surgery menu

Added surgery option to “New Slave” screen

Fixed sorting

Fixed numerous other bugs, and added more small quality of life stuff

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