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Stationmaster – 0.10a

Faction Leaders:

All seven factions now have leaders, with unique clothes, appearances, and personalities.

  • Black Star Mercenary Corporation: Tyrant, the indomitable general
  • Prime Consumer Electronics: Micah, the brilliant engineer
  • Null Autonomous Collective: Speaker, The enigmatic automaton
  • Vladivostok Holdings: Raza, the cutthroat businesswoman
  • Shiva Military Corporation: Pari, the shrewd diplomat
  • Australian Cooperative: Ava, the naive philanthropist
  • Piaoliao Nuli: Fei, the sadistic slaver

The new Diplomacy menu allows you to speak with any factions that you haven’t yet conquered.

Faction leaders who are friendly with you or scared of your military will send you tribute.

Conquering a faction’s home system enslaves its leader.

Enslaved faction leaders each have a unique event, which can grant a permanent upgrade to your station (some also have variants depending on your choices).


Taking planets that are owned by a government now constitutes an act of war.

Governments that are at war with you will send fleets against your planets, as well as covert attacks against your station (which can have catastrophic results if not handled well).

Planet Upgrades:

You can now upgrade your planets with improved defenses (to stop them from being taken by faction leaders), increase their obedience or fear with social programs, and even commit genocide on the population to replace them with another species.

Tribute obedience and fear are now driven by the obedience and fear of their homeworld.

Station Upgrades:

You can now upgrade your station to increase revenues for your chosen play style, as well as change the visa caps for both residents and tourists (both range from 0 to 200).

Other Content:

A ton of new events for your planets

Added slave dress clothing option (thanks Md. fordĀ  for creating that)

Generated planets will now have a chance of being populated with exos (requires a new game to take effect)

Quality of Life and Bugfixes:

Monthly economic report breaks down revenue and expenses by type

Demand tribute menu is now “Owned Bodies,” and displays more data about your holdings

You can no longer raid the same planet multiple times in one trip to the galaxy map

Milking machines buffed

Planet tribute increased to make it competitive with brothel money

Added option to sell slaves from “New Slave” screen

More memory improvements

You can now see the attack probabilities directly from the galaxy view without zooming in on a star.

Galaxy map camera speed increased.

Eoll eyes now glow as intended

Planets are now properly removed when sold

Notification bar widened and top left buttons replaced with icons

Tons of other little bugfixes and improvements that I didn’t bother to write down

Still on the list:

Voice acting (The actress for Speaker, Tyrant, and Pari is doing a fantastic job, and I’ll send the scripts to the rest of them when she’s done to avoid having to rework everything if my approach is flawed).

Owned stations don’t look right in cutscenes

Fix eyes on low settings

Add ability to upgrade all bodies at once from the upgrade menu

More AI balancing

Some slaves clip under the floor in cutscenes

Rework doll glow texture

Furniture sometimes not selected when clicked

Clothing sometimes not saved

Add planet upgrade menu to galaxy map

Add AI assistant to events that don’t have a visible person or body

Progress bars for ship repair

Add option to disable exo content

Lock faction leader clothes until they are conquered

Animate faction leaders in diplomacy menu

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