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Starship Inanna – 5.0

Unlocking a Kani scene in Episode 5 crashes the gallery for Episode 5. Error has been fixed and will be in the Patreon Early Release.

~Having a glitched family when starting the episode keeps you with a glitched family even after you select a save fix. This has been fixed and is in the current alpha2 (released 12.22.2017 @ 11:06am CST)
~Fixed dialog in Michael scenes having incorrect descriptions or old descriptions (will be in the beta)
~Fixed Crew choice menu activating and progressing correctly (will be in the beta)
~Fixed Kani sex scene triggering glitches when she calls you by name (will be in beta)
~Fixed certain flashback dialog throwing a crash when you have no parents or siblings. (will be in the beta)
~Fixed Episode 3 having a To Be Continued screen even though Episode 4 has been out for months
~Fixed E3_Ashe_Sex being undefined if you never did anything with Ashe in E3.
~Fixed Cea scene having glitched dialog when Cea’s experiencing Vaginal.

~Surprisingly indev was able to play through more before, there’s an error with the image loading that throws off an entire conversation and hides it behind errors. Working on it.

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