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Space Paws – 0.75.1

Maya Easter Egg
1 New H-scene
Erin’s easter egg
Erin new character pic
Erin blowjob animation rework
Mushroom lights have been optimized (less CPU& RAM usage)
Nebet divans H-scene rework
Ginny Easter Egg
Added Bast
2 new wishes, H-scene and new outfit for Alison
Other minor changes: topless Ginny
Roselyn Date has been reworked
New BG
New Character pic
Reworked H-scene
Alison Dates on the Fox Planet are available
3 new outfits for Alison
Alison Dates on the Dog Planet has been reworked.
3 outfits improved.

Added talking animations:

Roselyn, Amber, Alison, Siaren, Maya, Erin, Gunter, Zaphirus & Zirkon, Da Winki, Citizens, Bast.
Siaren final H-scene has movie mode now.
Some improvements in Alison character pic.
Amber character rework
Adjusted some expression and sentences.
Deep revision to the grammar, typos, and other mistakes (thanks to MarkLaughingBear, Marcus Aurelius and Ron Winder).

With this, you can play 3 planets, you can complete Alison route (in one planet though) and there’s an Easter egg in every planet. There’s only 1 planet missing, 1 main girl and 1 Easter Egg. This is in what we’ll be working on during these following updates (and adding other planet endings in Alison route, 1 more animation for the main girl endings and, finally, the Epilogues)

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