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Something Unlimited – 2.1.777

Fixed —————————————

– Audrey’s Maid costume dance showing Ballerian instead
– Killer Frost cell rerouting to Terra’s sometimes
– Vixen’s cell stripping not unlocking properly
– Superwoman scenes showing up in Wonder Woman cell
– Multiple go back buttons showing up in the Office
– Some cells not reseting, even with a new game
– Some variables locking up Killer Frost’s cell
– Superwoman’s head disappering during conversations
– Sprites overlapping in Wonder Woman’s vault scenes
– Wonder Woman Scene 3 showing wrong costume in vault
– Superwoman’s Marvel costume intro with wrong sprite in vault
– Being unable to exit Superwoman’s Suit Intro in vault
– Superwoman’s Slut costume intro showing wrong sprite
– Wonder Woman’s Slut intro not appearing
– Terra showing the wrong face on costume changes in cell
– Killer Frost lesbian scenes showing wrong characters
– Ivy, Bane and Metallo added to Villain Status
– Audrey clone stages showing up as other girls
– Vixen’s costume changes not showing up right away
– Terra locking up the controls when being posted in Meta-Bordello
– Superwoman’s Slut intro not triggering

Added —————————————

Option to keep Audrey clone or original

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