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Something Unlimited – 2.1.6

Fixed —————————————

– Changed more characters over to new posing system
– Miss Martian stripping when naked with hairband
– Blackfire’s Lexcorp and Secretary strips not displaying
– Batgirl overlapping portraits on top of scenes
– Artemis scenes not showing up in game (sex scene is still messed up)
– Roulette Anal scene not showing up in game
– Rebuilt Harley’s room completely
– Updated Tala and Raven content
– Henchwomen with wrong costumes in Killer Frost’s cell
– Camera problems in Miss Martian’s private room

Added —————————————

6 Backgrounds

– Harley content
– New Portraits
– Harleen Quinzel Intro
– Harleen Quinzel costume
– Harleen Quinzel Dance Scene
– Harleen Quinzel Strip Scenes

– Poison Ivy content
– Poison Ivy/Batgirl Bordello Scene
– Prison Henchwoman Lesbian Scenes

– Raven content
– Leash Scenes

– Roulette content
– Prison Anal Scene Animated

– Terra content
– Leash Scenes

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