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Solvalley School – 0.7

New Scenes:

– Anna’s Ending
– Kyra punishment (with vanilla and hardcore variants)
– Visits to Stella (3 scenes)
– Lara’s magazine essays (2 scenes)
– Date with Milena
New features:

– The city map has been reworked and new locations has been added
– Some maps are more interactive and the available girls appear on the scene
– An inventory prototype was added
– You can see the scenes available for each girl directly in the character gallery
How to unlock the new scenes:

Anna: do all the Lucy and Anna events. After that, you can make the proposition for Anna and see her ending.

Lara: buy the magazine at the supermarket in downtown. Read the magazine in your house at any moment. After reading the magazine, you can call Lara, but she will only answer the phone if you have done all her and Alexandra’s events.

Kyra: Her new event happens automatically just a day after you’ve made the first sex event with Kyra. If you are using old save. Spend a day doing anything for the event to occur automatically.

Stella: The first event happens automatically after the Kyra event. Then you can visit Stella twice. You need to buy expensive wine at Downtown’s supermarket to make the second visit.

Milena: You can call Milena for a date at any time over the phone if you have already done the two events in her house.

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